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Is Your Business Losing Money Because People Can’t Find You Online?

As a business, how can you get connected with the potential customers?

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What Is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization uses various tactics to improve your business’ position on local search rankings. Local search rankings occur when a user includes a local keyword phrases in their search or the search engine detects a location from the user’s device. Go to google and type in plumbers – do you see the “near me” in the drop suggestion box? That is an example of how we structure your site content to be localized. 

An example of a local search phrase would be “Florist Los Angeles, California.”

When people look up something on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they don’t always visit the 2nd page.  The off-page and on-page optimization of websites to bring a web page to the first page of a search engine’s result is our goal for our clients.

A cartoon of the way our small business SEO services work in Los Angeles, CA

Benefits Of SEO

With the increased efficiency and diversity of search engines, old school phone books are out – which means you need SEO.

If your company is a local business looking for local customers, you need to build Local SEO. Search Engines have become smart enough to realize that people are looking for products and services that are nearest to them, complementing the local intent.

When you search for a plumber in google, notice how it adds “near me” in the drop down? 

With this local SEO, you should be able to grow and promote your business in three primary ways:

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Looking For Local Customers?

If you have a local business and are looking to promote yourself by marketing your business online – Or maybe you already have an established business website with existing SEO, but you’re not getting results; either way, Small Biz Web Agency will provide you a proactive and smart solution based on your requirements and specifications.

With our free audit of your business, and your desired SEO marketing strategy, you can shore up your listings across online directories. This will help your website get more traffic, leads, recognition, and ultimately help the business score more sales in specifically Designated Market Areas. (DMAs)

Why Choose Small a Biz Web Agency?

We have over 10 years of experience in providing Digital Marketing in web design, seo, and google my business setups to our customers. 

Our team ensures that your online presence is effective. With our certified team of developers, designers, user-interface architects, and SEO experts, we at Small Biz Web Agency are dedicated to servicing local business owners so we can help them succeed.


Your Competitors Are Promoting Their Business

While it may take some businesses relatively more hard work to make a name for themselves in the online market,  other businesses seem to be getting their customers served on a plate. Generally, the competitors who are doing better in the market have one or more techniques for marketing their product. Whether it’s an optimized search engine technique or maybe they have a great brand name – either way, it is another reason for you to choose our services.
The internet has far better and wider visibility than your store’s front, which makes the internet an ideal medium for both consumers and suppliers.


Testimonials from our clients

What they say about us

"Our site was in old html code and not very good with responsive display. Small Biz Web Agency converted all 1500 products and plan files for us and we are seeing an increase in quality leads coming in now. I am absolutely happy with results."
Hanson Tanks
Business Owner
"We bought the company and changed the name to Precise Die. We sent some product shots to Small Biz Web who were able to get a site up and going quickly. They were able to use the name change and what we do and we are happy with our SEO results every month.
David R
CEO, Founder
"I have 6 styles of grass in a competitive market area. One of our keywords is on the first page of Google organically. These guys are great at what they do and it's all professional work."

Which SEO Solution Is Right For You?

If you’ve gone through the details above, but you’re still unsure about what SEO solution should be good for your business, contact us for a free audit and complete assessment of your needs.

If you’re not ranking on the first page of search engines, there’s probably no point in having a website because your potential customers never really have to go the 2nd page. Almost more than 60% of the total users on search engines click on the top three results, that’s also exactly what you should be aiming for as well. Therefore, have us analyze your website, location, and traffic to implement a successful SEO plan, which helps you grow your business exponentially!

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One of our greatest qualities is that we follow industry practice and always write semantic code with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 that is defined in W3C consortium.


We are proud of our specialty in small and medium size businesses, we know the ins and outs of what website you need and how to make YOU succeed in your business.

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