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What to expect from our Organic Local SEO services

Watch for the Guarantee on Organic SEO results.

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 I’m sure you have received hundreds of emails over time from unknown people offering PAGE 1 RESULTS ON GOOGLE!

Yes, I delete them too.

We’ve been fortunate with some of our clients in getting their best keywords on page 1 for their local area. It takes a lot of research and planning to do it. A lot depends on the keyword. 

Google expressly forbids SEO agencies from guaranteed ranking on search engine ranking pages. For more information, check out Google’s article on SEO companies, and why you should beware of any SEO company that says it can guarantee you the #1 ranking in search results.

Only scammy SEO companies offer guarantees. These are the companies that send you unsolicited emails with things in ALL CAPS and lots of exclamation points. Search engines like Google control the search results, not us. So offering you guaranteed results would be unethical. These clowns want to hit you for money once and disappear.  We want to help you build your success over the long run. 

We like to inform our clients about SEO and set clear goals and objectives, we will not offer any guarantee, because SEO is an art, rather than a science. Customers can see an increase in search engine rankings in 2-3 months but it can take 6-12 months to see a steady increase in rankings and web traffic.

You can view the local SEO packages we offer here.

You must also realize that there may be a number of issues with your existing website that will affect or delay SEO results.

These include:
You switch web hosting providers.
You change your web address.

You have duplicate websites.
Your website has duplicate pages.
You have duplicate content.
You have content that has been copied verbatim (scraped) from another site.
Your website redirects to another site.
You hire or previously hired a company to provide low quality links.
You used one or a combination of several black hat SEO techniques (whether you were aware of it or not)
Or you are on an OLS server or are using free web space to host your site.

If any of these apply to your existing website, then it may take longer than expected to see benefits from SEO, as we have to clean up the mess left behind by a previous company. 

While good SEO and other web marketing initiatives can certainly help you grow your business and attract new customers, we can’t guarantee you numbers, because there are several things we do not control. We can do a lot for you to increase your business visibility, web traffic and conversions, but there are things we can’t do, including:

  • We can’t force Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine companies to list your website in any position.
  • We can’t make people visit or stay on your website.
  • We can’t coerce them into accepting your special offer, call now, schedule a free estimate, sign up for your email list, or buy your products or services, even if they are interested in what you have to offer.
  • We can’t magically turn a website visitor into a paying customer, even if someone likes what they see. We can guide them to your offer but your offer has to be attractive for them to pursue it. 

Bottom line, we cannot control the search engines, and we cannot control consumer behavior.

Web Marketing and Starting or running a Business can be risky endeavors.

You took a risk when you went into business. While web marketing carries a risk, not utilizing the internet to promote your business and playing it safe, or not marketing at all is stagnation.

YOU DIDN’T BUILD YOUR WEBSITE TO HIDE IT. Contact SBWA to see how we can help you build your customer base. 

It helps if you look at web marketing as an investment that will have varying returns.

Our advice: Don’t hire an SEO company or web design company if you cannot afford their services, and/or cannot recover from the loss of funds if you fail to meet your expected return on investment within a specified timeframe.

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