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Your Business is Suffering Because People Can’t Find You Online

How Can You Get More Local Business?

Since everyone has access to the ease of smartphones nowadays, the majority of consumers go online and use a search engine when looking for a local business. That’s why most local businesses now prefer to have their official websites to connect with their consumers.
As a business, how can you ensure your connection with the consumers? By having a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup from a top of the line agency that ultimately helps to enlist your business in top web searches.

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What Is Local SEO?

When people look up something on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, they normally don’t have to visit the 2nd page. The users can normally access whatever they’re looking for through the first page. The off-page and on-page optimization of websites to bring a web page on the first page of a search engine’s result is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Similarly, if you’re a small business looking to have your website appear in top searches when people look up the search engine for a specific service or a product in a specific area, it is known as local SEO.

A cartoon of the way our small business SEO services work in Los Angeles, CA

Benefits Of Local SEO

With the increased efficiency and diversity of search engines, old school phone books are out – which means you may need data backup, internet security, and related services in addition to local SEO. Search Engines have become smart enough to realize that people are looking for products and services that are nearest to them, complementing the local intent. With this type of SEO, you should be able to grow and promote your business in three primary ways:
  • Your website ranking in the search engine improves, especially in the local market.
  • The chances of your potential customers being able to find your business improve drastically, through search engines, directories, and digital media.
  • Your business gets noticed on google maps and navigation apps.
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Why Choose Small a Biz Web Agency?

We have an experience of over 7+ years in providing Local Services to our customers, and our team ensures that your online presence is never laid out. With our certified team of developers, designers, user-interface architects, and SEO experts, we at Small Biz Web Agency are dedicated to helping local business owners so we can help them succeed. Following are the primary reasons which should make you choose us.

Affordable and Effective Solutions

Throughout the world, millions of businesses, startups, and e-commerce projects are suffering because they’re unable to market themselves correctly. With our talented team of experts, we provide effective and smart solutions to our clients, which ultimately helps them to market their products smartly.

By using our services, you’ll be able to target a large number of audiences through web searches, social media, navigation maps, and directories. Our smart SEO expertise can make you stand out from your competitors, since fewer than 50% of businesses currently use local SEO services for their business websites. What does this mean for you? A big opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and promote your growth, both online and locally.


You Own A Local Company

It’s possible that you have a local business and you’re looking to promote yourself by marketing your business online. Or maybe you already have an established business website with existing SEO, but you’re not getting results. Either way, Small Biz Web Agency will provide you a pro-active and smart solution based on your requirements and specifications.

With our free audit of your business, and your desired SEO marketing strategy, you can shore up your listings across online directories. This will help your website get more traffic, leads, recognition, and ultimately help the business score more sales in specifically Designated Market Areas. (DMAs)


You’re Not Getting Results

You may have tried setting up Local SEO for your website before, and it didn’t work. Search engines work on complex algorithms, keyword targeting, and backlinks techniques, which can be a tricky thing to set up. However, if you’re having problems with your present SEO and you’re not getting the desired results, our team can help you identify your current problem and provide you a better, smarter, and more effective plan.

By using our services, we can help you with super-personalized online experiences, and target users from custom, small, and localized groups of audience.


Your Competitors Are Promoting Their Businesses

While it may take some businesses relatively more hard work to make a name for themselves in the market, the other businesses may be getting that served on a plate. Generally, the competitors who’re doing better in the market have one or better technique for marketing their product. Whether it’s an optimized search engine technique or maybe they have a pulsating brand name – either way, it is only more reason for you to choose our services.

The internet has far better and wider visibility than your store’s front, which makes the internet an ideal medium for both consumers and suppliers.

Testimonials from our clients

What they say about us

"Our site was in old html code and not very good with responsive display. Small Biz Web Agency converted all 1500 products and plan files for us and we are seeing an increase in quality leads coming in now. I am absolutely happy with results."
Hanson Tanks
Business Owner
"We bought this company and changed the name to Precise. We sent some product shots to Small Biz Web who were able to get a site up and going quickly. It has made sales calls easier for our team."
David R
CEO, Founder
"I have 6 styles of grass and didn’t want anything difficult to manage. I’m happy with the site they built for us. It looks like a nice brochure and we like having our commercial on the front page. These guys are great at what they do and it's all professional work."
Mike I

Last But Not Least – We Care

It hasn’t been long since the Small Biz Web Agency was also a small team of like-minded individuals trying to make our mark. We know-how businesses, brands, and startups suffer because their services were never laid out in front of the public right from the start. Thoughtfulness led us to excel in this field because that’s what we’re good at.

We take our client’s interest right at heart, and our team works hard to provide you exactly what you ask for, in addition to a few proactive and smart proposals. Therefore, with a team of one of the best SEO experts and developers, we’re determined to help you reach your goals. In other words, we are all about you.


Which Services Do We Offer?

The Small Biz Web Agency is a local SEO Service provider and web developer, having helped various businesses and brands improve their local online profile and increase their rankings in the local pack. We’re offering a variety of services to complement our package of local SEO. Following are some of the primary services that Small Biz Web Agency offers:

Local SEO Services For Small Businesses

We provide top-notch, effective, and efficient SEO solutions to local business owners. This allows them to build their audience through digital media, directories, advertising web-pages, and by having their business store appear in google maps.

With increased smartphone usage and intelligent search engines, people may look for a specific product’s availability in a specific area. We work with small businesses who’re interested in getting ranked on the first page of those search engines, preferably on top. This is an excellent opportunity for people who own individual businesses, looking for exposure for their businesses.

A school of thought: The Internet has a more visible and wider storefront than your actual store.


Free Audit

Before we move on to the actual SEO Services plan, we provide a full-fledged inspection of your business for the successful execution of your local SEO plan. This helps us map your needs and wants over your actual business model, which would ultimately help us design a detailed Local SEO plan that helps increase your local traffic and map visibility.

A successful and accurate audit helps the local SEO to receive the highest conversion level of all the advertising channels. Also, another purpose of auditing is to determine a continual keyword research plan to find out what and how your customers are searching for a specific product in your area.

In conclusion, we provide a detailed Audit for your business and website, which you can benefit from, free of cost.


Tracking Your Campaigns

Our Local SEO Services solution allows you to track your campaign and monitor your keyword rankings and organic traffic. This will enable you to make smart decisions regarding your keyword targeting campaigns. This will also allow you to monitor your competitor’s keyword rankings and choices.


Managing Google My Business Account – Download eBook!

After optimizing and managing your Google My Business account, there’s a chance for you to download an ebook for a detailed explanation. This should also allow you to claim your google map listing, which is an excellent pathway to grow and advertise your business.

Other services include optimizing your Google My Business page for backlinks, business, and services.


Small Biz Web Agency – Pricing for Local Services

To help you meet your Local SEO strategy, we offer various packages. The variation in packages ranges from citation building, local optimization, and directory maintenance to directory reporting, and more. Therefore, the pricing varies with a wide variety of different packages, and depends upon the following factors:

  • Geographical Location
  • Additional Requirements
  • Local SEO Strategy
However, we’ll have a full assessment and analysis of your business website free of cost, and we’ll show you how we can help you boost your local traffic.

Which SEO Solution Is Right For You?

If you’ve gone through the details above, but you’re still unsure about what SEO solution should be good for your business, contact us for a free audit and complete assessment of your needs.

If you’re not ranking on the first page of search engines, there’s probably no point in having a website because your potential customers never really have to go the 2nd page. Almost more than 60% of the total users on search engines click on the top three results, that’s also exactly what you should be aiming for as well. Therefore, have us analyze your website, location, and traffic to implement a successful SEO plan, which helps you grow your business exponentially!

Small Biz Web Agency – A Reliable and Expert Team at Your Service

We have experience of a decade in providing and implementing smart and pulsating SEO solutions to our customers. We don’t claim to be the best service in the world, and we’re definitely not into buying our way into winning awards, but we’re definitely thoughtful and considerate to our customers’ needs. Therefore, if we’re providing local SEO services to a business, we’ll make sure you’re the only client we’re offering our services to.

Local SEO Packages

Choose the pricing Right for you


Monthly Cost: $1,199
On Sale:
$699 a month
1st 6 months

Local SEO Service

30 hours of dedicated work

10 Keywords
Website Audit
GMB Profile Setup and Optimization
Local Schema Implementation
Citations And Business Listings
On-page Content Optimization
Monthly Link Building
Monthly Reporting

Local Listings
Google My Business
Yext Power Listings

Ongoing Updates
You will be able to stop the campaign every month.
We use an SSL encrypted certificate provided by Comodo.


Monthly Cost:
On Sale:
$1,499 a month
1st 6 months

Intermediate Local SEO

40 hours of dedicated work

20 Keywords
Website Audit
GMB Profile Setup and Optimization
Local Schema Implementation
Citations And Business Listings
On-page Content Optimization
Monthly Link Building
Monthly Reporting

Local Listings
Google My Business
Yext Power Listings
Power Listings

Ongoing Updates
You will be able to stop the campaign every month.
We use an SSL encrypted certificate provided by Comodo.


Monthly Cost: $2,899
On Sale:
$1,999 a month
1st year

Platinum Local SEO

50 hours of dedicated work

20 Keywords
Website Audit
GMB Profile Setup and Optimization
Local Schema Implementation
Citations And Business Listings
On-page Content Optimization
7 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Executive Reporting

Local Listings
Google My Business
Yext Power Listings
Power Listings

Ongoing Updates
You will be able to stop the campaign every month.
We use an SSL encrypted certificate provided by Comodo.

What if you are not satisfied? We offer you

100% money back guarantee!

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